The Conductor's Perspective

The Online-Masterclass for business leaders based on the analogy of the conductor and the orchestra in 7 modules (english)
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The Analogy

For those in leadership conducting is in a way part of their everyday life. The Conductor’s Perspective literally translates this into the world of the conductor and her/his orchestra.

The conductor is responsible for the performance of her/his team without actually contributing operatively to the outcome: The conductor is the only musician who does not play a single note. At the same time (s)he is leading highly talented experts, with skills (s)he does not possess, in a highly inflexible organizational structure.

All the more, it is a question of attitude, how the conductor sees and fills her/his role - regardless of the external conditions. How can (s)he be effective and how does (s)he contribute added value? How can (s)he achieve that the musicians are making music together instead of playing their notes only?

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Tonhalle Düsseldorf

An inspiring backdrop, as a former planetarium one of the most beautiful concert halls in Germany

Cologne Chamber Orchestra

Observe one of the leading chamber orchestras while making music, rehearsing and reflecting.

Elaborately produced videos

First-class streaming quality in picture and sound, with fascinating perspectives and insights.

A fascinating perspective on leadership full of inspiring moments!

Lege noch heute los! Registriere dich und starte mit The Conductor's Perspective!

Your Trainer & Conductor

Dr. Raphael von Hoensbroech is artistic director and general manager of the Konzerthaus Dortmund, one of European’s leading concert halls (member of the European Concerthall Organization). After studying Musicology, Philosophy and Law he joined the Boston Consulting Group for eight years. There he gained valuable business insight into various corporate and leadership cultures. 2013 he became the Managing Director of the Konzerthaus Berlin. Since 2018 he lives together with his wife and five children in Dortmund.

For many years, Raphael was also active as conductor and violinist. Versed in leadership from the artistic perspective as well, he brings together years of experience from the different worlds of management into his workshops and keynote speeches. For more than 10 years in his leader ship sessions Raphael works with leading orchestras such as the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and many others.

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